The Joker Inspired Silver Ring Jewelry Black Edition

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The Joker inspired Black Edition Ring Silver Solid Jewelry . Made from Solid Sterling Silver. (It's real solid .925 sterling silver and plated black.)

Item Color: Black, White

Approx. Weight: 20 gr.

Size: US 6 to US 15 (include halves)

Polish: Very High

This ring has close back.

About The Joker :

The Joker is a serial killer and a super-villain, a dangerous madman who dresses like a clown and commits violent crimes. He is often recognized as Batman's greatest enemy, living in and terrorizing Gotham City, although he spends most of his time in Arkham Asylum. In addition to being a deadly and unpredictable physical combatant, he is a brilliant and ruthless criminal mastermind. His crimes require no motivation other than his sadistic desire to show people the meaninglessness of life through pain and death, and the narcissism to see the world remade in his own image.

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