Phantom Lantern Inspired Silver Ring Glitter Edition

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This is unique Phantom Lantern Inspired Power Ring.  It's best good looking Phantom Inspired Power Ring on Internet. Made from Solid .925 Sterling Silver and fully enameled with special glittering color. (It's real solid silver)

This item have close back

Item Color: Silver, Glitter

Approx. Weight: 20 gr.

Ring Size: US 6 to US 15 available (include halves)

Polish: Very High 

We plated our sterling silver jewelry with rhodium to prevent tarnish of silver.

About Phantom Ring:

Approximately 6 billion years ago, Rami the inventor created the Phantom Ring, but due to the disapproval of the rest of the Guardians of the Universe, Rami was excommunicated from the Guardians and sent into exile for the next couple billion years, taking the Phantom Ring with him. While he was kept away until he could destroy the Phantom Ring, Rami was incapable of doing so with any of 5,612 methods, including twelve black holes, Zeta-Beams, Kryptonite, and Nth Metal. With Rami's arrival on Earth, the Phantom Ring would soon find a new bearer, Frank Laminski. With the help of Volthoom, Frank traveled to the location of the two current Green Lanterns of Earth, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz, who just so happened to be protecting the exiled Rami. He distracted them by setting a house on fire across the neighborhood, and in the distraction he snuck into the house, took the ring, and became the Phantom Lantern.

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