Orange Lantern Inspired Silver Ring Snake Skin Edition

  • Orange Lantern Inspired Silver Ring Snake Skin Edition
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This is unique Orange Lantern Inspired Power Ring.New Orange Snake Skin Edition It's best good looking Orange Lantern Power Ring on Internet. Made from Solid .925 Sterling Silver. (It's real solid silver and orange crylic added.)

This item have close back

Item Color: Silver, Orange

Approx. Weight: 20 gr.

Ring Size: US 6 to US 15 available (include halves)

Polish: Very High

We plated our sterling silver jewelry with rhodium to prevent tarnish of silver.

About Orange Lantern Corps:

An Orange Lantern Ring is powered by avarice, or greed. The wielders of the Orange Power Rings are covered in a deeper aura than members of other Corps. According to Ganthet, "the orange light of avarice will be discovered and manipulated by a being whose greed knows no bounds". The Controllers, an off-shoot of the Oan race, were searching the Vega star-system for the orange light in order to create their own Corps What they found, or rather who, was Larfleeze, better known as Agent Orange. The sole wielder of the Orange Light. Rather than being wielded by many users, the Orange Lantern corps consists of the stolen 'souls' of those killed by Larfleeze. Upon dying at the hands of Larfleeze or one of his Corps Constructs, the victims memory and personality are absorbed by the Orange light. In this, Larfleeze take not only their lives, but their very being. Later, Lex Luthor, temporarily inducted as an Orange Lantern, discovered that the orange energy is at its most powerful when one mind is aligned to one ring and thusly tried to take the Orange Power Battery for himself. Also to be noted is all Orange Lantern Corp Constructs retain their memory and persona, though they are all affected by the orange light and rarely say little more than "Mine!"

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