Black Lantern Inspired Cufflink Sterling Silver Jewelry

  • Black Lantern Inspired Cufflink Sterling Silver Jewelry
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This is unique Black Lantern Corps Inspired Enameled Cufflink. It's best good looking Black Lantern Inspired Cufflink on Internet. Made from Solid .925 Sterling Silver. (It's real solid silver, not plated just enameled.)

Item Color: Silver and Black

Approx. Weight: 4 gr.

Polish: Very High

About Black Lantern Corps:

After the battle with the Sinestro Corps, Superman-Prime hurled the Anti-Monitor into space, who then crashed on an unknown planet and was encased within a Black Central Battery by an unknown being. After the female Guardian was scarred by the Anti-Monitor she some how became connected to this unknown Guardian of Death. This Guardian would later become known as Scar. Scar from this point on would dedicate herself to death and the darkness. It began by tearing the Guardians apart from the inside out. Deep beneath Oa's surface Scar prophesied the coming of the Blackest Night with her Book of the Black. Meanwhile the unknown Guardian of Death released a massive number of Black Lantern Rings into the universe headed for Earth and Oa. Both Scar and this Guardian then guided Black Hand in the murder of his family and his own suicide. After that Black Hand would be reborn as the Herald of the Black Lanterns and the Blackest Night began. Black Lantern Rings are wielded by the deceased. The symbol on Black Power Rings is the same symbol used by Green Lantern super-villain Black Hand (a triangle pointing downwards, with five lines radiating upward from the base).The black rings also symbolize a total absence of emotion and life.

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