Batman Dark Knight IPhone 5 Case Black Plastic

  • Batman Dark Knight IPhone 5 Case Black Plastic
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High quality hard back case cover for iPhone 5. Batman Dark Knight symbol design, made of high grade plastic material.

Protect your phone from scratches, bump, shock and other elements in daily use. Cutouts allow access to all buttons and ports without needing to remove the case. Unique design, fashionable and popular, comfortable to hold, lightweight, strong, ultra slim and durable, easy to install and remove.

Product size: Fits for IPhone 5


About Batman :

As a child, multi-billionaire Bruce Wayne watched helplessly as his parents(the physician Dr. Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha Wayne) were shot and killed by a petty mugger. Upon witnessing their death, the young Wayne took an oath of vengeance against crime so that no-one else would have to suffer the tragedy that he had. Wayne spent years venturing the world, learning many forms of combat and training himself to physical and intellectual perfection. Upon his return to Gotham, Wayne sat alone in his study dwelling upon his wealth, his new-found abilities and the fact that criminals are a "cowardly, superstitious lot"; the best way to get to them was through sheer terror. At that moment, as if a sign from God, a huge bat flew in through his study window. This bat provided Wayne with the inspiration he had been searching for. He donned a long, black cape and a cowl with huge, pointed, black ears and became the creature the criminals of Gotham would now know and fear: The Dark Knight... Batman. Customer Notice: All images shown on this website are 3D rendered images which is similar to actual product, We are not carry any of it in stock. We produce items only when order placed. Once you place your order , we start printing/casting it to metal of your choice and produce actual piece for you. This process usually takes one week and another four weeks needed for shipping and delivery.

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