White Lantern Inspired Silver Ring Full White Jewelry

  • White Lantern Inspired Silver Ring Full White Jewelry
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This is unique White Lantern Inspired Power Ring. It's best good looking White Lantern Inspired Power Ring on Internet. Made from Solid .925 Sterling Silver and enameled white.

This item have close back

Item Color: Silver & White

Approx. Weight: 19 gr.

Ring Size: US 6 till US 15 available (include halves)

We plated our sterling silver jewelry with rhodium to prevent tarnish of silver.

About White Lantern Corps:

The first White Lantern Corpsman was created when Sinestro of Korugar bonded with The Entity, the embodiment of life itself.However, the entity was removed from Sinestro by Nekron, and then claimed by Hal Jordan, who used its power to rescue Superman, Superboy, Wonder Woman, Donna Troy, The Flash, Ice, Animal Man, Kid Flash, and Green Arrow, who had all been turned into Black Lanterns by Nekron as well as the Anti-Monitor. Jordan then used the power of the entity to revive Nekron's tether to the living world, Black Hand. The revived Black Hand then regurgitated twelve white rings that destroyed Nekron's body, and revived the Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Deadman, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Jade, Firestorm, Osiris, Hawk, Maxwell Lord, Captain Boomerang, and Professor Zoom. After the defeat of Nekron all heroes that were turned into White Lanterns were discharged from the Corps, save for Deadman, who, as of Brightest Day, is shown to be the only resurrected character retaining a white power ring.

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