Iron Man Inspired Silver Ring Snake Skin Edition Jewelry

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This is unique Iron Man inspired silver ring.New red snake skin edition. It's best good looking Iron Man Inspired Silver Ring on Internet. Made from solid .925 sterling silver ,added red and cyan blue acrylic. (It's real solid silver, not filled.)

This item have close back

Item Color: Silver, Red, Yellow, Cyan Blue

Approx. Weight: 20 gr.

Ring Size: US 6 to US 15 available (include halves)

Polish: Very High 

About Iron Man:

Iron Man is one of the most widely known superheroes in the world. Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark was born with extreme intelligence. After the death of his parents when he was 21, Stark inherited Stark Enterprises. After being wounded while in a war zone, he built an armored suit that would help to keep him alive. Stark helped to organize the superhero team, The Avengers early in his career as a superhero. Originally, Tony Stark had no powers of his own, and he depended on his armored suit for all of his superhuman abilities, until he injected himself with the Extremis virus and later had an R.T. node implanted in his chest, gaining new abilities and intellect.

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